Jonathan Perreault, PhD

INRS – Institut Armand Frappier

Regulation in the opportunistic pathogen Burkholderia by the MAEB RNA motif

Aside from their role in storing hereditary information, DNA and RNA are now known to have many more functions. Living organisms have a plethora of RNAs that control numerous processes in cells. One such RNA, named MAEB, was recently found by computer-aided searches in the opportunistic pathogen Burkholderia. Although MAEB appears to regulate dozens of different cellular functions, we know almost nothing about it.

Using computers as well as genetic and biochemical tools, we will decipher the function and mechanism behind that intriguing RNA motif. In the end, a better understanding of MAEB will help evaluate whether it could represent an interesting therapeutic target, therefore providing a means to help cystic fibrosis patients afflicted by these bacteria.

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