Happy 90th Birthday!

The Banting Research Foundation is 90 years old today!
In 1925 there were no granting agencies or foundations to support biomedical research in Canada. The Banting Research Foundation was established that year both to commemorate the discovery of insulin and to stimulate Canadian biomedical research in other fields.

The inaugural fundraising campaign raised nearly half a million dollars, a considerable sum at the time, from individual and corporate donors. In 1948, the Foundation received a bequest of nearly $1 million from the estate of Kate E Taylor of Toronto. These two endowments represent the principal source of funds our Trustees now disburse annually as Banting Research Foundation Discovery Awards.

Since 1925, the Banting Research Foundation has awarded over 1300 grants to outstanding early-career biomedical researchers across Canada. Many of these grants sparked remarkable discoveries that transformed the practice of medicine and surgery, reduced illness and death rates, and propelled many of our recipients to positions of leadership and influence across Canada.

For the past 90 years we have invested in the future of biomedical research and the careers of new investigators, with the aim of stimulating new discoveries and demonstrating positive returns on our investment. We hope to continue for another 90 years and beyond.