Board of Trustees

WhitesideC 150x210

Dr Catharine Whiteside

Chair of the Board
Emerita Professor and Former Dean of Medicine
University of Toronto

AngelA 150x175

Dr Aubie Angel

Professor Emeritus
Senior Fellow, Massey College
University of Toronto
President, Friends of CIHR

CadarioP 150x175

Dr Paul M Cadario

Distinguished Senior Fellow in Global Innovation
Munk School of Global Affairs/Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
University of Toronto

GotliebA 150x175

Dr Avrum I Gotlieb

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
University of Toronto


Ms Alexandra Harris

PhD Candidate, Lawrence S Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Junior Fellow, Massey College
University of Toronto
Executive Director, Emerging Health Leaders Toronto

HewittW 150x175

Mr William E Hewitt

Chair, Audit, Finance & Investment Committee
Independent Financial and Investment Consultant

PashbyB 150x175

Mr Bill Pashby

Secretary Treasurer
Retired Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais

VosburghE 150x175

Ms Elizabeth Vosburgh

Former Governor
Governing Council
University of Toronto


ReaR 150x175

Ramona Rea

Executive Director