10 December 2015

11 prizes awarded for top abstracts and posters at CSCI-CITAC Young Investigators Forum

Dr Madhur Nayan, Toronto, presenting his research at the CSCI-CITAC annual meeting

Dr Madhur Nayan, Toronto, presenting his research at the CSCI-CITAC annual meeting

The Banting Research Foundation awarded 11 prizes for top oral abstracts and posters at the Young Investigators Forum at the 2015 annual meetings of the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI) and the Clinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada (CITAC).

30 November 2015

Friesen Prize public forum 2015

The Banting Research Foundation has partnered with the Royal Canadian Institute for Science and Friends of CIHR to support the 2015 Henry G. Friesen International Prize Program and its expert roundtable discussions informing the contribution of discovery science and graduate programs to the health of all Canadians. The 2015 Friesen Prize winner is Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society and Director and Chief Executive, The Francis Crick Institute. He will present a public lecture, “The Fundamental Significance of Discovery Science in the Creative Process,” on December 7 at the University of Ottawa.
Register here to attend the public forum lecture.

2015 POSTER – English – Friesen Prize Public Forum Lecture – Sir Paul Nurse – December 7, 2015

2015 POSTER – French – Friesen Prize Public Forum Lecture – Sir Paul Nurse – December 7, 2015

24 August 2015

Grant Recipients 2015

In 2015, the following early-career researchers received Banting Research Foundation Discovery Awards:

Jeffrey Chen, PhD, University of Saskatchewan
Towards a next generation of superior BCG tuberculosis vaccines

Jeremy Hirota, PhD, University of British Columbia
A 3D-printed human airway model for studying respiratory mucosal immune responses

Petra Kienesberger, PhD, Dalhousie University
Role of the adipokine autotaxin in obesity-associated insulin resistance

Morgan Langille, PhD, Dalhousie University
Design and implementation of a human microbiome interaction database

Joon Lee, PhD, University of Waterloo
Personalized predictive analytics based on electronic medical data and patient similarity metrics

Catherine Martel, PhD, Université de Montréal
Lymphatic vessel function in atherosclerosis

Michael Suits, PhD, Wilfrid Laurier University
Protein structure-function relationships in periodontal disease

27 July 2015

Banting paintings story in Globe and Mail

A story of three small paintings by Frederick Banting appeared on the front page of the Globe and Mail on July 27, 2015.
Unraveling the obscure origins behind a trio of Banting paintings

St Irenee 1931

St Irenee 1931

Quebec village 1931

Quebec village 1931

Penetang 1930

Penetang 1930

22 July 2015

Happy 90th Birthday!

The Banting Research Foundation is 90 years old today!
In 1925 there were no granting agencies or foundations to support biomedical research in Canada. The Banting Research Foundation was established that year both to commemorate the discovery of insulin and to stimulate Canadian biomedical research in other fields.

The inaugural fundraising campaign raised nearly half a million dollars, a considerable sum at the time, from individual and corporate donors. In 1948, the Foundation received a bequest of nearly $1 million from the estate of Kate E Taylor of Toronto. These two endowments represent the principal source of funds our Trustees now disburse annually as Banting Research Foundation Discovery Awards. READ THE WHOLE STORY »

10 July 2015

2015 Discovery Award Recipients

Congratulations to the Banting Research Foundation 2015 Discovery Award recipients. Seven grants were funded in the 2015 competition out of 78 applications. The successful Discovery Award recipients are:
Jeffrey Chen, VIDO-InterVac, University of Saskatchewan
Jeremy Hirota, University of British Columbia
Petra Kienesberger, Dalhousie University
Morgan Langille, Dalhousie University
Joon Lee, University of Waterloo
Catherine Martel, Université de Montréal
Michael Suits, Wilfred Laurier University

6 July 2015

Dr Aubie Angel named to the Order of Canada

AngelA 150x175
Congratulations to Dr Aubie Angel, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Banting Research Foundation, on his appointment to the Order of Canada. Dr Angel was recognized for his contributions to endocrinology and to the establishment of health organizations in Canada.
The Order of Canada is the cornerstone of the Canadian Honours System, and recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.

24 February 2015

Annual Report 2014

2014 Annual Report for the year ended June 30 2014.

19 February 2015

Why we fund young scientists

An article just published in Nature (18 February 2015), “Young scientists go for fresh ideas,” says that junior biomedical researchers tend to work on more innovative topics than their senior colleagues do. Authors of the original study analyzed the MEDLINE database and found that young researchers far outpaced older scientists in citing new ideas in their papers.

The Banting Research Foundation focuses its funding on early-career medical researchers who have innovative proposals but inadequate funding to pursue their ideas. READ THE WHOLE STORY »

29 January 2015

Brenda Gallie, MD, appointed to the Order of Canada

In December 2014 it was announced that Brenda Gallie, MD, world-renowned ophthalmologist, would receive the distinction of Member of the Order of Canada. The Order of Canada, one of our country’s highest civilian honours, recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. Dr Gallie was recognized for her contributions to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of retinoblastoma, a childhood eye cancer.

Dr Gallie received a Banting Research Foundation grant in 1983, shortly after she was appointed assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Toronto. READ THE WHOLE STORY »

15 January 2015

Support for young clinician scientists

The Banting Research Foundation initiated a new program of support for young clinician scientists at the 2014 annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation. Banting Research Foundation Prizes were awarded to the top six abstracts presented at the Young Investigators Forum for clinician scientists in training.

15 January 2015

Dave Richard identifies key target for malaria prevention and treatment

Dave Richard, PhD, at Université Laval reports that with the funds provided by his 2013 Banting Research Foundation grant his team was able to identify and characterize a protein involved in the generation of specific parts of the malarial parasite cell. This is a critical step in developing vaccines and new medications for malaria. His article on this work will be the laboratory’s first on their malaria cell biology work. READ THE WHOLE STORY »

17 October 2014

The Foundation sponsors Red Cell Club Meeting

The Banting Research Foundation is proud be a sponsor of the Fall 2014 meeting of the Red Cell Club, Sept 19-20 in Toronto. This is an international meeting of 75 investigators highly focused on red blood cells – development, proteins, diseases and antigens. Co-host Dr Reinhart Reithmeier is chair of the Banting Research Foundation grant review panel.
Red Cell Club Meeting program

17 July 2014

Grant Recipients 2014

In 2014, the following early-career researchers received Banting Research Foundation Discovery Awards:

Benoît Arsenault, Université Laval
Impact of a lifestyle modification program on high-density lipoprotein function

Yannick Doyon, Université Laval
In vivo genome editing as a novel class of human therapeutics to treat pediatric metabolic disorders

Jennifer Heisz, McMaster University
Examining the dose-response relationship between physical exercise and cognitive function in older adults

Jeffrey Leyton, Université de Sherbrooke
An advanced development in targeted radiation against muscle invasive migrating bladder cancer cells

Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo, University of Waterloo
The role of binocular vision in the development of fine motor skills

Emanuel Rosonina, York University
Regulation of transcription and splicing factors by sumoylation

9 May 2014

Annual Report 2013

2013 Annual Report for the year ended June 30 2013.

25 February 2014

Dr Imogen R Coe named founding Dean of Science at Ryerson University

In August 2012, Imogen R Coe, PhD, was named founding Dean of Ryerson University’s new Faculty of Science. Dr Coe is internationally recognized for her research in the cell biology and biochemistry of a family of membrane transport proteins.

Dr Coe received a Banting Research Foundation grant in 1998 to study the influence of steroid hormones on the uptake of a class of chemotherapy agents in human cells. READ THE WHOLE STORY »

20 July 2013

Grant Recipients 2013

Pierre Lozach and team at the Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier

Pierre-Yves Lozach, recipient of a 2013 Banting Research Foundation grant, and his team at Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier

In 2013, grants were awarded to the following recipients:

Craig Bailey, University of Guelph
Nicotinic receptor signaling in a mouse model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

David Chatenet, Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier
Design and synthesis of peptide inhibitors of PqsE as novel antibacterial therapeutics

Margaret K Hahn, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Central insulin to prevent olanzapine-induced adiposity: a rodent model

Pierre-Yves Lozach, Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier
Bunyavirus entry into mammalian cells

Dave Richard, Université Laval
Protein trafficking to the apical complex of the malaria parasite

Marie-Ève Tremblay, Université Laval
Microglial relationships with synaptic elements in Alzheimer’s disease

16 July 2013

Dr Tara Moriarty receives an operating grant from CIHR

“The [Banting Research Foundation] grant was essential to the survival and development of my research lab at a very difficult time of funding, and has enabled us to perform key experiments required to obtain more sustained research support.”

Research is an investment in the future, and the progress of our recent grantees is a result of this investment. READ THE WHOLE STORY »

21 October 2012

Annual Report 2012

2012 Annual Report for the year ended June 30 2012.

19 July 2012

Grant Recipients 2012

In 2012, grants were awarded to the following recipients:

Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, University of Toronto
A universal development platform for the BBDMR

Alexandre Douplik, Ryerson University
Surface enhanced Raman fiber sensor for endoscopic early detection of tumor-related biomolecules in gastroenterology

Carl Ernst, McGill University
Functional analysis of the 16p11.2 locus using patient-derived induced-pluripotent stem cells

Dennis Jensen, McGill University
Banting Research Foundation/ Rx&D Health Research Foundation Award
Physiological mechanisms of dyspnea relief and improved exercise tolerance after treatment with oral morphine in patients with advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Martin Lévesque, Université Laval
Molecular mechanisms of axon guidance mediated by PlexinC1 in dopamine neurons axonal projections

Michelle Scott, Université de Sherbrooke
Banting Research Foundation/ Rx&D Health Research Foundation Award
Characterization of a novel function of small RNAs in alternative splicing

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