7 February 2017

Applying for partnered Discovery Awards

Some of our Discovery Awards are co-funded by other organizations. These partnered awards are in addition to our usual 5-6 awards granted each year. In 2017, funding partners include the Rick Hansen Institute, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada, and the McLaughlin Foundation at the University of Toronto.

Applications for these partnered awards go through the same review process as all other applications for the Discovery Award, and are scored and ranked with the others. Only those rated in the fundable category (outstanding – 4.5-4.9; excellent – 4.0-4.4) will be considered for funding. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements of our Discovery Award program (see guidelines), and, in addition, must show relevance to the partner organization’s areas of research focus. Keywords and clear statements about relevance in the application will be used to determine consideration for a partnered award. READ THE WHOLE STORY »

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